Health Sciences & Medical Technology

EMR EXTENDED       -        YEAR LONG      -        10 CREDITS

          Grades: 11-12

This course will teach students to provide immediate care to an ill or injured person and train them in the pre-hospital setting to assist Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers. Instructional content area skills include the history of healthcare, Anatomy Systems and related Medical Terminology. This course will prepare students for enrollment in the Allied Health Occupations Course Capstone.

Certificate of Training and RCC credit (2units) will be awarded if student completes the entire year with a B or higher for both semesters.


ALLIED HEALTH OCCUPATIONS       -        Yearlong           -        30 CREDITS

       Grades: 11-12  & (16 years old)

        3 Period block (12:38-4:10)

This course is designed to explore entry- level health careers in the hospital and/or community setting. Emphasis is placed on those skills required of a health care worker in various departments. Instructional content area includes the history of Healthcare, Legal and Ethical Responsibilities, infection control, Vital Signs, Scheduling Appointments, Electronic Health Care records and related Medical Terminology. Students will receive HealthCare Provider CPR training.

This course has a community classroom portion that requires the following: Social Security Number, Negative TB Test, Background Clearance and reliable transportation. 

Certificate of Training and RCC articulation credit (2 units) will awarded if student completes the course with B or higher and has completed all community classroom/instructional hours needed for the Allied Health Occupation course. 

Pathway Sequence:

*ROP EMR to Allied Health Occupations = Pathway Completion


SPORTS MEDICINE I            -        YEAR LONG      -        10 CREDITS      

          Grades: 9-12

            Meets UC/CSU “G” requirement

A curriculum based and on site educational program for students to develop their skills as a physical therapy aide, athletic trainer assistant, fitness instructor, medical, and sports equipment salesperson. The students will be trained at community locations to practice and develop the skills they have learned in the classroom. Subject matter will also include such items as personal attitude, appropriate work habits, and professional appearance.

Sports medicine ii         -        YEAR LONG      -        10CREDITS

Grades: 11-12

Prerequisite: Sports Medicine I

Meets UC/CSU “G” requirement

The aim of the Sports Medicine & Therapeutic Services Level II program is to further develop the basic knowledge and skills of a Sports Medicine & Therapeutic Services Level I that in turn will improve their ability to contribute to safer sporting events and organizations.  It is anticipated that the experience gained since completion of the Level I course will provide course participants with sufficient insight to assimilate this higher level of knowledge into their role as an Athletic Trainer.

As a consequence of completing the required course units it is expected the Sports Medicine & Therapeutic Services Level II will be able to apply appropriate first aid and emergency care of athletes at a more advanced standard than a Sports Medicine & Therapeutic Services Level I.

Pathway Sequence:

    *Sports Med. I  to Sports Med II = Pathway Completion

     *EMR to Sports Med I = Pathway Completion        

-Sports Med. Lab is an optional component that corresponds with the Sports Med. Program.