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Marketing, Sales and Services

Retail Business

Retail Student Store


“G” category in A-G's, approved by the University of California Schools and offers 3 college articulated credits, if a grade of an A or B is maintained for the entire year.

You will become familiar with the student resource videos called “Biz Kids” to learn:

1. Business in the Global Economic Environment-How organizations operate in the U.S.; How the U.S. system compares to other economies and how economic decisions are made.
2. Business Organization and Management-The important relationship between business ownership and how it affects our economy.
3. Business Operations and Technology-Study of the most important functions of business and the activities that managers and employees complete for each.
4. Personal Financial Management-Study the components of personal financial management starting with wise consumer buying and the understanding that fundamental financial choices are based on daily money management skills.
You will become familiar with the use of “MicroType”, a student-friendly typing software program. Students are required to type at least 25 words per minute.

You will become familiar with the use of Microsoft Office 2016 Suite- Word, Excel, & Powerpoint (Microsoft Office Suite Certificates will be earned). 

Each student will be required to take the “Soft Skills” Modules to learn proper Customer Service, Workplace Ethics, and Effective Decision Making in the Workplace. (Soft Skills Certificates will be earned)

Each student will be required to participate in Mock Job Interviews with our Military and other community business leaders.


G category in A-G's.

Prerequisite: teacher recommendation

Year - 10 credits

This course combines classroom and community classroom instruction to prepare students for employment in the retail/marketing industry. Training will include elements of the sale, types of retailing, types of merchandise, customer relations, merchandising, pricing, inventory control, visual merchandising, operations, promotional elements, and human resources. Emphasis is placed on real world application of learning through work experience in the community. Employability skills emphasized include: preparing for employment, business attitudes, work habits and attendance. Students will operate the Rancho Verde High School Student Store. Each Student will be required to take and pass the California Food Handlers' test and will receive the Food Handler's Card free of charge (card good for 2 years then needs to be renewed).